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Audrey Monson

We checked other options for an attorney and decided to go with Brett Pearce. He delivered on everything he said he was going to do. We didn’t have health insurance, and he even found us a great doctor that would wait to be paid by the settlement money. He made it really easy on us and took care of everything.

Martin & Misty Ruiz, Salt Lake City, Utah

Brett Pearce is such a gentleman. I had an accident in Walmart due to a dangerous display and ended up falling. A broken hip caused me some real problems, and Mr. Pearce did an excellent job with my case. He continually called and kept me informed of the progress. I was very happy with the settlement I received and was glad Mr. Pearce was my attorney.

Noreen Bogucki, West Valley, Utah

I was in a bicycle accident and flew through a car window. I appreciated Mr. Pearce and Diane keeping me totally informed throughout the whole process. I felt very comfortable that everything was going smoothly and that no surprises were going to take place along the way. They did all the work as I sat on the sideline and watched everything unfold perfectly.

Bart Carlson, Provo, Utah

Brett Pearce was absolutely wonderful; he got my medical bills paid. He did exactly what he said he was going to do! He kept his cost minimal and didn’t run up the bill at all, so I received a larger settlement, which I appreciated. I would recommend Brett Pearce without hesitation; he simply outlined the plan of events and completed it to perfection.

Sandra Woolley, Sandy, Utah

My experience with Brett Pearce was fantastic! He took the necessary time to answer my questions and responded to my phone calls in a timely manner. The process from start to finish was very painless for me. My son was in a bad auto accident and Brett Pearce did an excellent job getting a good settlement so quickly.

Rex Wangsgaard Taylorsville, Utah