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Protect Your Rights

According to the Insurance Research Council’s own research, claimants hurt in an accident who simply talked to a lawyer to find out their rights received an average of almost 40% more money than claimants who did not talk to a lawyer. People who then hired a lawyer received an average of more than three-and-a-half times more money, before deduction of legal fees and expenses, than those who did not hire a lawyer.

Why You Should Speak With A Lawyer Immediately

There are many forms and claim notices that have time deadlines to file, some of which may be only a number of days. Only a lawyer experienced with personal injuries and accidents can determine what claims need to be filed, which forms need to be filled out, how to fill out the forms correctly and which insurance companies to file the claims with.

If the statute of limitations is near, a lawsuit will need to be started immediately. Since any lawyer will need sufficient time to investigate your case prior to starting a lawsuit and will want to be able to complete depositions prior to the expiration of the statute of limitations, you will want to retain The Law Office of Brett G. Pearce well before the expiration of the statute of limitations.

Important Steps With Time-Sensitive Deadlines

  • Notify your insurance company immediately
  • Begin an investigation as soon as possible
  • File accident report with the Department of Motor Vehicles
  • File your legal claims, including no-fault claims and claims for lost wages, state disability and notice-of claims
  • File claims with all relevant insurance companies, including SUM/UM claims

Some of the many insurance companies that may be involved and must be immediately notified when someone has been hurt in an accident are: 1) All primary and secondary insurance companies for each owner, driver and company responsible for your injuries; 2) All primary and secondary insurance companies providing uninsured coverage or underinsured coverage; 3) All primary and secondary insurance companies providing medical and economic benefits such as disability and lost wages; 4) Workers’ compensation insurance companies.

Why Work With Attorney Brett Pearce?

You may feel nervous when hiring a lawyer, but remember that you are the one doing the hiring. Brett likes to sit down with you and go over every detail that is important to you and your injury. It is so easy to forget something or overlook the smallest detail and have it affect your settlement. Remember, Brett only charges you if the case is won by you.

Brett knows how to position the facts in a way that tells the insurance company that they are dealing with a very experienced attorney. It is from this early staging that shapes the settlement for a far greater financial outcome than when the facts and case have lingered around for some time and posturing has been weakened. Brett Pearce is an experienced personal injury attorney who has secured substantial compensation for accident victims in Utah.

Act Quickly: Get A Free Consultation

If you are looking for an experienced accident attorney, please contact Brett Pearce today. We represent clients throughout the state of Utah. We provide free initial consultations, and we work on a contingency fee basis. Call us today at 801-893-9073 or send the law firm an email.