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A Skilled Attorney For Complex Head And Spinal Cord Injury Claims

Head/brain and spinal cord injuries can be permanent and leave a serious impact not only on the lives of the injured but also on family members. Many times such injuries are caused due to the fault or negligence of others. Accidents causing such injuries include playground accidents, automobile collisions, construction site accidents or birth injuries. Such incidents can affect the victim’s cognition, physical abilities and emotional function.

To receive compensation for personal and physical loss due to brain or spinal cord injuries caused as a result of the negligence of a third party, it is necessary to hire a competent and specialized injury legal representative.

A head/brain and spinal cord injury lawyer specializes in the fields of medicine, neuroanatomy, rehabilitation, and life care planning, and is well-versed in the medical issues involved. This expert lawyer will help you get financial compensation for the loss suffered.

Head/brain injury lawyer Brett Pearce has experience working in the field of neurological injury as well. He understands the causes, symptoms and effects of such injuries, as well as the physical, economic, and psychological impacts of brain and spinal cord injury on the victim.

His proven track record of experience and success in dealing with cases of brain and spinal cord injury makes him your best option for obtaining compensation to cover medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, supplies and equipment, and travel expenses.

Get The Experienced Legal Help You Need

Spinal cord injury lawyer Brett Pearce has the experience to deal with cases for spinal injury compensation on behalf of the victims. For a free consultation on brain and spinal cord injury compensation claims and all legal issues associated with these kinds of injuries, call us today at 801-893-9073 or email us now.

We will provide you with legal advice and fight with you for justice in your injury case.