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The Experienced Attorney You Need After A Serious Injury

When you are pursuing a personal injury claim, you are typically working against insurance companies to get them to provide you with the maximum possible compensation for your injuries. These funds will determine how capable you are of recovering from the injuries you received from someone else’s reckless or negligent behavior. The key to maximizing your compensation is found in the attorney you choose to represent you.

At The Law Office of Brett G. Pearce, in Draper, Utah, attorney Brett Pearce has more than two decades of experience standing up for the rights of those who have suffered serious and life-changing injuries. With an experienced lawyer on your side, you can rest assured that everything is being done to secure the full and fair financial compensation you need and deserve.

Insurance Industry Experience On Your Side

Brett began his career working for the insurance companies. This past experience gives him valuable insight into the tactics and legal strategies insurance companies use against our clients. When you have stood in the opposing party’s shoes, you can better anticipate how they will maneuver. This can make a significant difference in a personal injury claim. Today, Brett only represents plaintiffs, but his past experience has made a difference for many injured people and their family members.

We Are Committed To Fighting For You

We handle a variety of personal injury cases when it comes to fighting for your best interests. We have earned the best possible outcome in cases involving:

We also can hold insurance companies accountable when they are acting in bad faith. We recognize the telltale signs of when you are being taken advantage of by insurance companies or liable parties, and we do not stand for that behavior.

We Have Your Back In Even The Worst Times

Our team can help you hold responsible parties for actions that caused you or a loved one to suffer a catastrophic or even fatal injury. You should never be the one left holding the bill, and we can keep that from happening. We do not back down from a fight and we do not settle your case unless it suits your best interests. If you are ready to meet with a Utah attorney who provides you with the dignity and respect you deserve, while also earning your maximum possible compensation, contact us today.

We Are Here For You

You don’t have to face this complex legal issue alone. Call us at 801-893-9073 or email us here to schedule your free initial consultation. We are eager to earn the privilege to represent your needs, and we have the experience to defend them.