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Types of Injury Cases

Brett Pearce’s experience covers a wide range of personal injury cases.

As a leader in the representation of injured people, Brett Pearce Attorney at Law has gained a reputation as an aggressive, skilled and determined Personal Injury and Wrongful Death lawyer.

He does not take shortcuts, he does his homework, and he does not give up. Many attorneys and even defendants whom he has opposed have asked him to represent their families and friends. This is an honor that is a testament to Brett Pearce’s  competency and trustworthiness, and attests to his reputation as a leader in Personal Injury and Wrongful Death litigation.

Automobile Negligence
Auto/Pedestrian accidents
Automobile Accidents
Automotive Defects
Bus Accidents
Drunk Driver Victim
Vehicle Rollovers

Trucking Negligence
Truck Accidents
Truck Rollovers
Truck/ Car Collisions

Personal Injury
Arm Injuries
Back & Neck Injuries
Brain Damage
Brain Injuries
Burns and Scars
Dog and Animal Attacks
Dog Bites
Foot Injuries
Leg Injuries
Neurological Injuries
Orthopedic Injuries
Pedestrian Accidents
Severe Injury
Slip & Fall Accidents
Spinal Cord Injuries
Spinal Injuries
Automobile Accidents
Snowmobile Accidents
Train Accidents
Trucking Negligence
Medical Malpractice
Pharmaceutical Injuries
Premises Injuries
Railroad Crossing Injuries

Aviation Negligence
Aviation Accidents and Injuries
Airplane Accidents
Aviation Accidents
Failure to Provide Security
Helicopter Accidents
Plane Crashes

Boating Negligence
Boating Accidents
Ferry Accidents
Cruise Ship Injuries
Drowning and Diving Accidents

Product Liability
Defective Products
Defective Tire Cases
Lead Paint Lead Poisoning
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