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When I take the case, you will feel a sense of relief: The relief that comes from finding the right lawyer for the injury that has caused you mental and physical pain. I am an aggressive accident injury lawyer who understands the many tactical delays the insurance companies are using today to negotiate unfavorable settlements for you, the injured victim. I spent my first 13 years in practice as an insurance defense lawyer, working with insurance adjusters to minimize or even defeat injury claims. Since the year 2000, I have specialized in representing accident injury victims. My unique background and experience gives my clients the advantage when it comes to obtaining maximum compensation. A personal injury can happen in any circumstance. If you were injured, please contact me immediately to see if you have a case. I am a contingency fee lawyer. I charge no fee unless I resolve the case in your favor. If you do not act quickly, your rights may be lost. You need my strength by your side. Please contact me for a free and confidential consultation, either by phone or simply fill out the email form and I will contact you as soon as possible.
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