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Insurance Bad Faith

Bad faith is a legal concept which allows an individual to claim compensation if an insurance company limits or denies coverage without proper notification or justification. Bad faith violates a policyholder’s rights and is considered illegal. The law will not allow an insurance company to enter into an agreement without the intention of fulfilling the contract.

Determining whether an insurance company has acted in bad faith is a complex matter. Before filing a claim, one should always contact insurance bad faith attorney Brett Pearce to make sure that the lawsuit you are filing is justified.

There are a few basic rules that an insurance company should follow. If not, the insured can seek compensation.

  • A company should not engage in determined undervaluation of a claim
  • A company should not delay the payment of benefits
  • A company should not avoid coverage and deny a claim for profit

If in a lawsuit, bad faith is claimed and proved then damages and attorney’s fees may be awarded to the plaintiff.

Because of the complex nature of insurance bad faith lawsuits, before you file a complaint for bad faith, you have to be aware of the legal details which determine whether your case falls under bad faith or not, only a bad faith attorney Brett Pearce can guide you through this process.

If you have a problem with an insurance company, you should contact Brett Pearce who has experience in handling these types of cases. The law that regulates insurance practices is very complex and therefore it can be very difficult to prove insurance bad faith. This can only be accomplished by an experienced bad faith attorney.

If you have experienced bad faith conduct from an insurance company we can help you get compensation.  

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