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About Us
The Law Office of Brett G. Pearce, LLC consists of three people:

  • Attorney Brett Pearce
  • Paralegal Dianne Burton
  • Legal Assistant Cassandra Pearce
No other personal injury attorney in Utah can boast the same (both-sides-of-the-fence) professional experience and background as I can. So qualified, I prepare cases more persuasively, anticipate insurance company maneuvers in handling injury claims, and more successfully help my clients achieve their ultimate goal: maximum compensation for the injuries they have suffered.

Being the client of a one-lawyer firm, you enjoy the advantage of personally getting to know the attorney who will be handling your case from beginning to end. As you read below a little more about firm personnel, you will see how my unique experience and background gives me the added advantage of representing you even more effectively than a big law firm.

Attorney Brett G. Pearce I was born and raised in Utah. Always a fan of competitive sports, I attended Snow College in Ephraim, Utah, and Southern Utah University in Cedar City, Utah, on a combination baseball/academic scholarship. I received an Associate of Arts and Bachelor of Arts degrees from the respective schools. I graduated from J. Rueben Clark Law School in 1987.

While still in law school, I received an offer from a downtown Salt Lake City law firm, Strong & Hanni, to join as an associate attorney upon graduation from law school. Strong & Hanni was then and still remains one of the most respected insurance defense law firms in the State of Utah. During the three years spent at Strong & Hanni, I began learning about the insurance industry and how it defends against personal injury claims.

Toward the end of my third year with Strong & Hanni, the firm's number one client, State Farm Insurance, approached and offered me a position to join the company as an in-house attorney, handling injury claims made against State Farm policyholders. In October 1990, I joined State Farm in its CLC (Claim Litigation Counsel) program as a trial attorney. During the 10 years I spent with State Farm, I handled hundreds of lawsuits involving injury claims against State Farm policyholders. Many of the claims went to trial or arbitration. I attained the status of Chief Litigator at the Salt Lake City CLC office, handling the most complex and difficult cases referred to the firm. During the time, I also helped educate and train teams of adjusters, guiding them in the development of strategies and tactics designed to minimize and defeat injury claims.

While enjoying the fight against the fraudulent or grossly exaggerated injury claim, I was increasingly disappointed to see the growing trend in the insurance industry to use its superior wealth and power to minimize and defeat even legitimate injury claims. I could see that this was not merely a phase the insurance industry was going through, but instead a business strategy that would last for the foreseeable future. By the year 2000, I realized that I needed to help accident victims. In the summer of 2000, I left State Farm, started my own law practice and began representing accident victims. In is in this capacity that I remain.

Paralegal Dianne Burton Paralegal Dianne Burton also has a professional experience of working first for the insurance industry and then on behalf of injured people. Dianne was born in California and began her career in 1977 as a legal secretary in the Long Beach regional claims office of Liberty Mutual Insurance Company. There she assisted in-house attorneys in defending Liberty Mutual against workers compensation claims and auto injury claims brought against its policyholders. After leaving Liberty Mutual, she worked for several large private law firms specializing in insurance defense litigation. Upon moving to Utah in 1990, Dianne continued her career in the insurance defense litigation field, and worked with attorney Brett Pearce at State Farm in Salt Lake City for several years. She has worked with Brett assisting injured people since 2004. Dianne has attended Long Beach State University, Utah State University, and the University of Phoenix. She earned her paralegal certificate in 1999.

Dianne takes a personal interest in all of the firm's clients and is always ready to update the client on the status and progress of their claim. To Dianne, the client is never just a number or a file, but rather a real person undergoing what can be a difficult time in their life.

Legal Assistant Cassandra Pearce Cassandra is attorney Brett Pearce's daughter and is a student at the University of Utah pursuing a degree in English. She works full time during the summer and part-time during the school year.

Cassandra is a great help to the firm in making sure all appropriate records are identified, gathered, organized and filed. Her efforts help speed up the case preparation process, especially in that period of time that comes between a client wrapping up accident-related medical treatment and the gathering of accident-related medical records and bills.
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